I have Type 1 diabetes. I love to write. I’m happy when I am helping others. I speak up when it’s important. I have a passion for sharing knowledge and learning new technology. I was BORN to BLOG!

I’ve met so many other T1Ds on this journey who are cool and love to help others. We put our heads and hearts together … to bring more resources and knowledge to our amazing diabetes community. We’re making improvements every day … come back often, let us know what you think. And my gratitude for my amazing webmaster, Dave (an honorary T1D)!

And thank you for stopping by!
— Joanne Laufer Milo, The Savvy Diabetic

Welcome to The Savvy Diabetic!

My very first post ... WELCOME! I hope you will find this to be a fun and interesting and helpful place to visit.  I plan to share as much news as I can find on research and new technologies, offer guest bloggers, post interesting thoughts and questions to ponder, and...

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