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Joanne Milo

Richard and Joanne Milo, and their dogs Hey Buddy and Bon Bon

I have jousted and juggled with Type 1 diabetes since January 25, 1965, at 5:35pm EST. It’s been quite a journey … lots of ups and downs, in every way you can imagine.

The last several years have been bumpy, with a bunch of hospitalization, none related to diabetes. But being in a hospital has been quite an eye-opener. I wrote a book and have been talking to whoever will listen about being a Prepared T1D.

I’m fascinated with all the new technologies and the DIY communities … indeed,

I’ve been a DIY Looper since 2016. So appreciative of those working so hard to make our lives better!  I run one of the Facebook groups helping T1Ds learn to “drive” the Loop:  check out FB: Loop and Learn.  And I’ve hosted many interviews with significant researchers, developers, and community leaders:  Check out our YouTube Channel:  Loop and Learn.

I live with my wonderful, supportive and intense husband, Richard, who is very involved and caring, plus my very adorable dog, Hey Buddy, a Westie and (she believes) he is an old soul, very hands-on (or is that paws-on). We recently lost my precious little Bon Bon, a Lhasa Apso … she redefined cute and sweetness every day.

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