By now you must be wondering if there is a new trend of T1Ds raising chickens!  I don’t know but maybe!!!  

Please meet, again, Gail (T1D, business owner, fiddle player, stand-up jokester and vocalist) and her husband Michael, who I featured over a year ago with her shepherd mix pups.  Gail was also my first mentor in my roller coaster DIY Loop adventures. Thank you Gail for everything always!

Savvy Pets, 1/24/20: Woof to Finn and Scout … and Dogs Rescuing Koalas in Australia

And, last week, you met the chicks who are growing up with Theresa and her family, now on the east coast.

Savvy Pets, 4/23/21: Here a Chick, There a Chick …

Theresa rehomed her original chickens to Gail, living in the western US.  Coming full circle, today you get to see the “original” and thriving chickens!

These little hens came from Theresa. They are each full of personality and are spoiled rotten!  They are Lazer, Stormy, Barny, Pepper, Chipmunk (Chip), and Spyder. Spyder lays blue eggs. Barney lays chocolate brown eggs. The rest are tan and light pink.  A sideline about Lazer:  she gets to wear red blinders because she is aggressive toward a few of the other hens. These blinders sit on her nose non-invasively and keep her from pecking out their feathers

Barney, Stormy, Chip, Pepper, Lazer eating roasted worms








Spyder, Pepper, Stormy, Lazer 













Spyder checking me out












The fruits of their labors over 2 days (eggs are aka butt nuggets – they have one way in and one way out system)





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