How to handle your tubed pump when you are naked or scantily clad … for Friday’s Diabetes Blog Week Post.  Just off the top of my head … wanting to jump in to Diabetes Blog Week … yeahhhh!!!

(OK, I’m not going to say WHY I’m naked or WHEN … nor any other details … just that it can happen!)


  • Stick pump under breast
    • Not intended for most men!
    • If you are indisposed, don’t stand up without holding on to the pump
  • Stash pump in underpants, just under waistband
    • Remember to hold on to pump if you need to remove panties
  • Hold pump under chin
    • Works fine for short periods of time or while you are dressing
    • Can cause stiff neck
  • Snuggle pump under armpit
    • Not good for hot and sticky days
    • Remember not to raise your hand in class while doing this
  • Wrap tubing around neck, like a loosely tied scarf
    • Works best with 43” tubing
    • Weight of the pump can cause a noose-like tightening of the tubing
  • Bind it in an armband or thigh band
    • Just make sure the band is tight enough to stay in place
    • Try to use cool-looking bands
  • Clasp tubing loosely between teeth, as if you were dancing tango with a rose
    • Be careful not to bite hard
    • Try not to drool
  • Place pump on head
    • This works well if you are sitting still in a Jacuzzi
    • Be sure pump does not slide off head

That’s it for my first Diabetes Blog Week entry … Happy Friday!!!

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