Watch out, Californians!  A recent study from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research estimated that 46% of adults in California (13 million) have prediabetes or undiagnosed diabetes, while another 9% (2.5 million) already have diagnosed diabetes.  Combined, these two groups represent a majority of the state’s adult population (55%) at an estimated 15.5 million people.  The study also reported that one in three young adults (age 18 to 39 years old) in California has prediabetes.

These are BIG numbers!  And SCARY numbers!


The study recommends:

  • Increase funding in the CA state budget for diabetes prevention efforts (its 2014 funding was the lowest in the nation in 2014!)
  • Require public and private insurance reimbursement of lifestyle modification programs
  • Enact policies that reduce consumption of added sugar, particularly in foods and beverages consumed by children.

Come on, California!  Let’s get healthier!!!

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