dmine matrixDiabetesMine is developing a new tool to help the diabetes patient community provide feedback on the tools and services available to us now.  The idea is to allow the community to rate everything – from BG measuring devices to apps to nutrition and coaching programs – as to how well these offerings are helping PWDs out in the real world.

So what is the DiabetesMine Challenges Matrix, you are probably asking.  DiabetesMine has created a four-quadrant Matrix that allows us patients to “score” all sorts of diabetes tools and services along the axes of IMPACT and ACCESS – the two most critical factors in any offering.

IMPACT of course means improved health outcomes as a doctor would measure them (like reduced A1C), but also whether the tool or service positively affects a patient’s Quality of Life.

ACCESS refers to how easy it is for patients to get their hands on something — is it very expensive, not covered by insurance, or only available in certain regions or locations? How likely is this product or service to reach the largest possible swath of eligible patients?

Take the survey:

Your input will be extremely valuable as we present this patient view of diabetes needs to Pharma Industry, Regulatory, and Medical and Technology leaders!

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