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T1D Exchange and M2D2, a joint venture of the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Worcester campuses that incubates medical device start-ups,  have announced the first annual Diabetes Innovation Challenge (2016).


The Diabetes Innovation Challenge will provide up to two awards of up to $150,000 in cash or in-kind services provided by T1D Exchange, M2D2, and Challenge sponsors, including the American Diabetes Association and JDRF.

For this year’s innovation Challenge, nearly 60 innovators submitted their applications for consideration. T1D Exchange has narrowed the list down to 26 semi-finalists.

Now, semi-finalists will pitch their innovations in one of two competitions in front of a panel of esteemed judges (think Shark Tank) with the hopes of advancing to our finals event.

Who We Selected

Semi-finalists were chosen based on a few criteria, including what stage of development their innovation was (either early stage or translational) and whether their solution fit into one of our four innovation categories (a device, diagnostic, therapeutic or technology).

Here’s a quick look at just a few semi-finalists:

  • from Enable Biosciences, an ultrasensitive auto-antibody test to detect diabetes sooner than what’s possible today
  • from CamMed, a thin, flexible patch pump for one or multiple injectable medications
  • from Dibatech, a portable and re-chargeable device that can keep insulin stable at unfavorable temperatures in areas with erratic power supply (focused on third-world countries)
  • from Sproutel, a smart teddy bear teaching tool that helps young helps children gain hands-on skills in diabetes management (through play)
  • from Clinitech, an electronic band-aid for noninvasive glucose monitoring

What’s next?

T1D Exchange will host two semi-finals events in late September and early October. From there, finalists will be selected who will present their solutions in late October to another panel of esteemed judges. While award winners will receive cash prizes and in-kind services (lab space, mentoring, clinical support), the goal is to give many innovators a platform—a platform to be heard, recognized, critiqued, and to be introduced to industry and other experts who can help advance these projects.

How can you participate?

  • Attend Semi-Final events in Massachusetts, and see all the innovations being pitched. Buy tickets:
  • Stay tuned—T1D Exchange will be covering the Diabetes Innovation Challenge closely on Glu ( over the next few months!


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