Thanks to Melissa Lee (blogger of, recent interim CEO of DiabetesHands Foundation and currently social media and marketing coordinator at Bigfoot Biomedical Technologies) for this very hilarious Diabetes Sniglets!

SnigletsIn the 1980’s, Sniglets were a series of books about sniglets: any single word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should.” To play a Game of Sniglets, you create a new nonsense word, repurpose an old one, make combinations, etc. … and then define the word.



For example:

  • diameter – the distance travelled by a person with diabetes to reach his or her glucose meter
  • diaphragm  – the muscle used for deep, calm breaths when someone asks, ‘Did you eat too much sugar?’
  • diabolical  – how one acts when blood sugar is high

Read more at:

And here is your challenge:

Can you come up with some Sniglets? Submit them to me at  I’ll post them all at the end of the month. Put your thinking caps on, get the creative juices going … and do the Sniglet!

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