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Roche partners with Senseonics, TypeZero on ‘artificial pancreas’ as reported on FierceBiotech today!  Roche is NOT GONE!  Who knew?!?!?

Senseonics and TypeZero Technologies first tied up on “artificial pancreas” R&D in May, and now, Roche is getting in on the action. The trio will develop a long-term, closed-loop system for blood glucose control to be tested in the NIH-funded International Diabetes Closed Loop Trial (IDCL).

Senseonics’ Eversense continuous glucose monitoring system includes a sensor which is implanted under the skin of the upper arm. It lasts 90 days and measures glucose levels in the interstitial fluid and sends this data via a transmitter to a mobile app.

Under their original agreement, Senseonics and TypeZero would integrate glucose readings from Eversense with TypeZero’s inControlsoftware to automatically adjust insulin delivery from a patient’s insulin pump. Now, Roche will bring its AccuChek Insight insulin pump to the system, Senseonics said in a statement. The system will be tested at three sites in Europe.

In November, TypeZero joined forces with Dexcom and Tandem Diabetes care to develop a closed-loop system for the IDCL trial. The system comprises Dexcom’s G5 glucose sensor and Tandem’s touchscreen insulin pump. While the current version of the system runs TypeZero’s inControl algorithm on a smartphone, the partners hope to integrate it directly in the Tandem pump’s touchscreen. The ICDL trial is running at seven U.S. sites in addition to the three in Europe.

As an aside, remember when Roche bought Solo from Medingo … it was an FDA approved patch pump with great promise until Roche shelved it.  Wouldn’t that be fabulous if they would revive the Solo into a closed loop system?!?!?

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Dexcom Updates Clarity with AGP Report, as reported on tudiabetes.org, 4 June 2017 … and it is great!

The Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) is a licensed, standardized glucose report created by the International Diabetes Center (IDC). AGP provides a big picture view of your diabetes management and is only one part of understanding your glucose patterns. It’s really interesting to look at and very useful to your healthcare team.

The beautiful thing about this one-page report is the the clinician and patient can together look at this data-dense report and quickly extract useful and actionable information in a visually simple way.

Here’s an example from my CGM download. 


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