Vertex, continuing its rebound, cleared to resume testing of diabetes cell therapy was written by Ben Fidler for, 6 July 2022.  

The Food and Drug Administration has cleared Vertex Pharmaceuticals to resume a study evaluating an experimental cell therapy that has shown promise in treating Type 1 diabetes.  In May, the regulator said Vertex had “insufficient information” to begin testing a higher dose of the treatment and stopped the early-stage trial. Vertex didn’t say what changed the FDA’s mind, though it indicated screening, enrollment, and dosing will resume at multiple U.S. sites.

“We believe the hold was due to excess caution from the FDA,” wrote RBC Capital Markets analyst Brian Abrahams, after speaking with Vertex management. But “we cannot rule out the possibility FDA is focused on a specific issue and could request additional information as the trial progresses.”

Three patients have been treated in Vertex’s trial. The first two got a half dose and a third, following the recommendation of outside trial monitors, received a full dose in the second part of the study. The higher dose will be evaluated in five patients before the study is expanded. 

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U.S. Senate Democrats advance deal to lower drug prices was reported by Dulan Lokuwithana for Seeking, 6 July 2022. 

A deal to allow the Medicare health program to negotiate lower prescription drug prices for the elderly has won the backing of all 50 Senate Democrats.  The deal, which could potentially lower health costs for the U.S. government, was previously held back by contentious intra-party negotiations on taxes, climate change, and other components of a proposed massive spending bill.  All 50 Senate Democrats are currently in agreement on the drug-pricing provision.

The legislation will only allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices for the elderly, not for those with private health insurance, a key provision included in an initial framework Democrats expected to advance.  The bill would allow the government-run agency to negotiate the prices of up to 20 drugs by 2028, unlike the 250 drugs permitted in the initial plan.

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The key to lowering the glycemic index of carbs is to store them in the fridge and add vinegar to the salad dressing. 

What is so good about vinegar? 

    • Vinegar helps the potato crust on the outside become pretty thin.
    • You need to keep the skin (or crust) to keep the shape in your salad.
    • Acid from the vinegar prevents the pectin in potatoes from breaking down too quickly.

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Tutti-frutti chewing gum to halt kids’ sugar craving was published by John Jeffay for, 30 June 2022.

A new chewing gum will halt kids’ craving for sugar, thanks to an ancient bitter herb.  Israeli food-tech startup Sweet Victory says tiny amounts of gymnema sylvestre block the sugar receptors on their tongues for two hours, reducing the desire for sweet food or drink — and making them taste bland or even sour.

The company launched a mint-flavored version for adults in January and is now developing a tutti-frutti gum for kids, which should hit the market later this year.  Both the child and adult versions contain gymnema, a naturally bitter-tasting botanical herb that has traditionally been used for over 2,000 years in Indian alternative medicine to stabilize blood-sugar levels. The gum is flavored to mask its bitterness.

Patients with sugar cravings reported beneficial effects from chewing the gum three times a day in a small study at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan.  “The gum does not change the taste buds permanently; it just occupies the sweet receptors for a specific time. Most people use it during the hours they crave sugar,” said co-founder/psychologist Gitit Lahav.

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