Mark Your Calendars:  TCOYD and The diaTribe Foundation invite you to join us for the 17th Annual (4th Virtual!) Diabetes Forum, 26 July 2023, 4:00pm PT/ 1pm HT/ 5pm MT/ 6pm CT/ 7pm ET)

Every year, this unique event invites a panel of diabetes experts to discuss new and exciting data shared at the ADA Scientific Sessions—and over the last few years, we’ve been sharing the recorded panel virtually for those who were not able to attend in person.

In this Reinvented LIVE Diabetes Forum, Drs. E and P are sharing highlights from the in-person panel discussion and breaking down exactly what these experts are saying in a way that everyone can follow. So tune in to hear the latest developments in diabetes research in a way that makes sense to you.


      • Overview and updates to the ADA Standards of Care, with focus on obesity, Time in Range and glycemic health
      • Diabetes technology updates: AID/HCL systems, CGM/BGM, connected injection (smart pens), appsGlycemic, heart, and kidney health: data on cardio and renal protective outcome studies: SGLT2 inhibitors, GLP1-RAs, and dual agonists in T2D
      • Most recent clinical trial readouts
      • The continually changing landscape for the treatment of obesity and fatty liver disease
      • Adjunctive therapies for T1D/continuous ketone monitoring update
      • T1D delay and cures – cell and disease modifying therapies
      • Key lessons in growing telehealth and remote care
      • The most important variables in social determinants of health and health equity

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South Korea approves first local CGM device by Adam Ang for, 23 June 2023.  

The South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has approved the first locally-developed continuous glucose monitoring device. The CareSens Air, developed by blood glucose device maker i-SENS, is touted to be the smallest and lightest CGM device available in South Korea. It can also be used for 15 days straight and features a calibration mechanism to make readings more reliable. 

Following this approval, i-SENS plans to proceed with mass-scale production and targets to launch the device in the third quarter of the year. CareSens Air is also the fourth CGM device that has been approved by the South Korean government, following approvals for foreign products by Medtronic, Abbott, and Dexcom.  Moreover, i-SENS is currently seeking a CE clearance for its CGM offering, eyeing to market the product in Europe by the first half of 2024. 

There is no further information on their website: i-Sens    

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Medicare physician pay fell 26% since 2001. How did we get here? by Kevin B. O’Reilly for, 7 July 2023.

The AMA’s two-page explainer on the Medicare Economic Index outlines how it incorporates these two categories reflecting the resources used in medical practices:

Physician practice costs, which include components for nonphysician compensation such as fringe benefits, medical supplies, professional liability insurance and other expenses. 

Physician compensation, which reflects increases in general earnings and is currently proxied by changes in the wages and benefits of professional occupations in the U.S. from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The change in the combined practice costs and physician compensation components of the MEI is then reduced by the 10-year average of economywide, multifactor productivity. 

The big problem is that since 1992, the role of MEI in shaping Medicare physician payment has diminished dramatically, first under the sustainable-growth rate (SGR) and then under the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) of 2015. Given those changes, it comes as no surprise that when adjusted for inflation, Medicare physician payment has effectively declined 26% from 2001 to 2023.

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Who’s Afraid of Physician-Owned Hospitals? by Elizabeth Plummer, Peter Cram and Ge Bai for, 6 July 2023.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) imposed severe restrictions on physician-owned hospitals, preventing the formation of new physician-owned hospitals and limiting the expansion of existing ones. Since then, almost one-quarter of physician-owned hospitals have been acquired, changed ownership, or closed. CMS recently doubled down on the ACA’s restrictions in its 2024 proposal.

Using newly available price transparency data, our study in JAMA Network Open revealed that both commercially negotiated prices and cash prices in physician-owned hospitals were about one-third lower than their competitors across eight common services. Ample evidence also suggests that physician-owned hospitals enhance physician engagement, provide higher-quality care, and have improved patient satisfaction, lower costs, and better infection rates compared with their competitors.

Hospitals not owned by physicians (nonprofit hospitals, for example) have been engaged in profiteering activities at the expense of patient interest, such as using anti-competitive tactics to raise prices and denying charity care to eligible low-income patients. 

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Expressing it doesn’t need to be time-consuming. Even a short, thoughtful text can bolster our social connections.  Cultivating a grateful outlook, and taking a few minutes a day to count our blessings, can also reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, increase self-esteem and improve life satisfaction.

As one expert put it: “Gratitude seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.”

In that spirit, The New York Times asked their readers to share how they practice gratitude – they received nearly 800 responses.  Some great suggestions:

      • Show your appreciation
      • Mix gratitude with movement (such as walking in nature)
      • Record it (such as journals or apps like Day One, Gratitude Plus and Flavors of Gratefulness)
      • Express your artistic side
      • Make it part of your nighttime routine
      • Give thanks as a group
These are just wonderful … enjoy!

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