The Modular Medical MODD1 insulin pump. What do we know? by Tim Street for, 31 May 2024.

Modular Medical recently submitted their new pump system to the FDA for approval. It’s described as: “Effortless Insulin Delivery Made Possible.”


The MODD1 is a 300u “pseudo-patch” pump with a tail like the Tandem Mobi. Aside from the reusable “pump body” there’s a service pack containing ten insulin cartridges, an infusion set and adhesive pad, and syringes for filling.  Insulin cartridges expire after 80 hours. The user guide only lists Humalog as the insulin it’s certified with currently, but this may be outdated. According to the user guide, the pump body expires after 90 days, so you’ll get through four of these a year.

Who is it for?  1. It looks like a relatively inexpensive device, although the real question will be about the cost of consumables; 2. This isn’t a device you’re going to want to use if you are particularly insulin sensitive, and the user guide states that it’s only for adults; Given the options that are present, it feels like an alternative to MDI for those with relatively high insulin needs, and in turn, may be beat focused on this with type 2 diabetes, rather than type 1.

Modular Medical chairman and chief technology officer Paul DiPerna said: “We believe that our simplified design will encourage many ‘almost-pumpers’ to adopt technology to aid in their diabetes management, without the complexity and expense required by many of the current solutions.” 

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WHO IS CHANGING THEIR NAME, THIS WEEK???  Watch for the worldwide announcement on Tuesday, 4 June 2024!!!

Semaglutide may change perception, brain response to sweet tastes by Jill Rollet for, 2 June 2024.

In a proof-of-concept study, women with obesity who took semaglutide reported enhanced taste perception, and researchers observed altered gene expression in their tongues and their brain reward response related to sweet tastes.

“Populations that are prone to obesity have an inherently elevated desire for sweet and energy-dense foods,” Mojca Jensterle Sever, PhD, of the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia, said during a press briefing at ENDO 2024. “Obese individuals often perceive tastes as less intense.”

“The improvement of taste perception and increase in functional activity in the [brain] region [that] integrates multisensory inputs provides ‘food for thought’ on the additional mechanisms by which semaglutide and other incretin-based therapies facilitate changes in food preference and eating behavior that might potentially lead to reductions in body weight beyond appetite suppression,” said Jensterle Sever.

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TCOYD + diaTribe 2024 Diabetes Forum, 24 June 2024, Orlando, Fl

Be a key part of improving diabetes care with the top leaders of the diabetes world!

We hold the Diabetes Forum & Reception every year to make diabetes care better. This important event gives healthcare professionals the latest news on diabetes treatments and a place to share ideas. Here, new studies and daily medical work come together, helping you provide the best care to people with diabetes. We bring experts and leaders together to start talks leading to new treatments and better ways to care for patients.

We’re so excited to host an enlightening discussion on revolutionary advancements in diabetes care including:

      • Important updates to the 2024 ADA Standards of Care (screening for CVD and CKD)
      • Discussion of how AI will affect diabetes care and drug development
      • Update on the rapidly changing world of obesity with a discussion on the social determinants of health and health equity
      • Adjunctive therapies for type 1 diabetes
      • The ever-expanding technology space for both T1D and T2D: 6 HCL systems, several CGM choices and a discussion of the need for continuous ketone monitoring
      • AID in pregnancy and other populations, including T2D
      • The growing and overlapping indications and uses for SGLT 2 inhibitors, GLP1-RAs, and dual agonists: Heart, Kidneys, Liver, A ddiction, Parkinson’s, etc.
      • Update on the prevention of beta cell destruction and preservation and replacement of islet cells
      • MASH, MASLD, and MetALD: new nomenclature, screening, and new therapeutic approaches
      • Important Scientific Session data including the most recent clinical trial readouts

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