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Apple in Secret Effort for Diabetes Treatment, according to the CNBC report, 12 April 2017.  This could be exciting! 

appleApple has had a team of biomedical engineers working on a secret initiative to develop non-invasive glucose sensors, originally envisioned by the late Steve Jobs, hoping to be the first to track blood sugar levels accurately without piercing the skin. 

Verily, the life-sciences unit of Alphabet (Google), is working on glucose sensors including a smart contact lens that would measure sugar levels through the eye.


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pig-shutterstock_54301909-1024x744Insulin is 90 Years Old and Costs More Than Ever … Why? As reported on, the patent for insulin was sold to the University of Toronto in the early 1920s, over ninety years ago, for … are you ready? … $1 … yup, ONE DOLLAR!






Many would say that these changes have been for the better, toward a safer, more effective administration and reception of the insulin. BUT each change has resulted in the extension of patents — patents that belong to brand-name players in the pharmaceutical industry.

The extension of patents means that, even though insulin for diabetes is over 90 years old, it cannot become a “generic drug.” 

According to HealthSmart “A generic drug is a chemically equivalent, lower-cost version of a brand-name drug, costing 30-80% less! A brand-name drug and its generic version must have the same active ingredient, dosage, safety, strength, usage directions, quality, performance and intended use.”

Thirty to 80 percent lower cost … THAT IS SIGNIFICANT!

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