The big buzz in the coming years is the Artificial Pancreas, Closed Loop Insulin Delivery System, Dual Hormone Bionic Pump … lots of names, lots of promises.  Here’s just a look at some new entries under development, with NO promises for when and/or if they will ever make it to market:

Pancreum CGMS/Insulin/Glucagon Artificial Pancreas, based in San Francisco, has been under development and under wraps for over 5 years, with no new news.  

GenesisIt looks like a mini Simon memory game, is tubeless and is expected to deliver insulin (called the InsuLean) and glucagon (called the dual-hormone) and CGM device (called Mine) … when combined, it is called Genesis. Check out their website: Pancreum


Medtrum All-In-One Artificial Pancreas, based in Watford, UK, is developing the A6 TouchCare System, as a tubeless AP system which integrates an insulin pump, CGM and a Predictive Low Glucose Suspend mechanism. MedtrumAPsystem

Not much details out there … but to read more from The Medtrum All-In-One Artificial Pancreas





alter-gAlterG’s Anti-Gravity Treadmill, developed by NASA, might Help PWDs, as reported in, 25 January 2017.  Featuring technology originally developed by NASA to help astronauts become accustomed to the feeling of being in outer space, the AlterG treadmill encloses the lower half of the user’s body in an inflatable chamber and uses pressure to help them become semi-weightless. The AlterG can “unweight” users by up to 80% of their bodyweight (roughly the same level of weightlessness one would experience on the moon!), making walking, jogging, and even running feel easier. Anyone who would like to exercise more but is prevented by pain or extra weight could benefit.

I used the AlterG while in physical therapy after being in a CRO boot for 3 years, to retrain my walking muscles without lugging around a 10 lb boot.  It was fascinating, fun and amazingly helpful.  

If you want to give it a try, AlterG is offering a free trial at a facility near you … and help you use it for free for up to 3 months … and possibly qualify for insurance reimbursement under programs such as the Diabetes Prevention Program. Interested? Here’s a link to the form: diaTribe Members Free Access to the AlterG

Read more: AlterG’s Anti-Gravity Treadmill: Can a NASA Technology Help People with Diabetes?


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