theresa_may_uk_home_office_croppedA WOMAN with TYPE1 is the Next UK Prime Minister!  Thanks to InsulinNation, Theresa May became prime minister of the United Kingdom in July 2016! May was diagnosed with T1 in November 2012 at age 56, and uses daily insulin injections.

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nude-calendarnude-calendar-2Nude Diabetes Advocacy Calendar 2017, published in Finland with profits going to fund the operation of Diabetesseura Plasma, a Finnish Diabetes Association focusing on the cause and raising the awareness of Type 1 diabetes in Finland.


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10 Weird Things People Have Eaten for Lows, from InsulinNation, 4 January 2017 … definitely not for the squeamish or faint of heart.  As Craig Idlebrook says, “We all know that a glucose tablet or glucose gel is the proper way to treat a low, but that isn’t always what happens. Sometimes people with Type 1 diabetes are forced to fend off hypoglycemia with whatever is within arm’s reach. According to an extremely informal Facebook poll, here are 10 weird “foods” people with Type 1 diabetes have used to treat a low.”  I’m only sharing 3 of these 10 … please go to Read more for the rest.  AND, please comment here if you too have eaten something pretty strange to treat a low!

  • Cake frosting spread on hot dog buns.  ~ Angie P.
  •  A partial jar of maraschino cherries in the middle of the night. It worked, but it was about 10 years before I could eat another maraschino cherry.  ~ Berea F.
  •  My wife has taken shots of Hershey’s chocolate syrup.  ~ Blake H.

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