Big Money in Diabetes Devices! 


Dermapace System stimulates wound healing with shockwave energy pulses, as approved by FDA and reported on MedPage Today, 29 December 2017. 

A first-in-class diabetic foot ulcer treatment, an electronic device called the Dermapace System, made by Sanuwave Health, is an external shock wave system mechanically stimulates wound healing via pulses of energy — similar to the treatment of kidney stones. It is indicated to treat chronic, full-thickness diabetic foot ulcers in patients 22 years of age and older. Treatable ulcers include wounds lasting more than 30 days, spanning into the epidermis, dermis, tendon and into the capsule without any bone exposure.

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One Man’s Stand Against Junk Food as Diabetes Climbs Across India, as “India is ‘sitting on a volcano’ of diabetes, as reported by Geeta Anand in the New York Times, 26 December 2017.

Since 1990, the percent of children and adults in India who are overweight or obese has almost tripled to 18.8 percent from 6.4 percent, according to data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington. The International Diabetes Federation projects that the number of Indians with diabetes will soar to 123 million by 2040 as diets rich in carbohydrates and fat spread to less affluent rural areas. “We are sitting on a volcano,” said Dr. Anoop Misra, chairman of a diabetes hospital at Fortis Healthcare, one of India’s biggest private hospital chains.



Read more: One Man’s Stand Against Junk Food as Diabetes Climbs Across India

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