Here are some great blog posts by Tim Street about his experiences and comments about the new faster-acting insulin, Fiasp.






And from Just How Quick is Fiasp, Novo Nordisk’s Faster-Acting Insulin?


Roche helps Senseonics raise $41M to push diabetes device, as reported in FierceBiotech, 5/26/2017. 

Senseonics is set to raise $41 million to support the anticipated commercialization of implantable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system Eversense. The fundraising attracted the support of major existing shareholders New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Roche.

Senseonics’ is developing an implantable sensor. Once inserted by a doctor, the sensor uses fluorescence technology to measure glucose levels in the interstitial fluids. The sensor sends readings to a wearable patch that, in turn, processes the data and relays information to a smartphone app. Users are alerted when the technology forecasts glucose levels will exceed preset targets. The sensor lasts up to 90 days.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Test-Drives a Blood Sugar Tracker, as reported by CNBC, 5/18/2017.

Tim Cook has been spotted at the Apple campus test-driving a device that tracks blood sugar, which was connected to his Apple Watch.  A source said that Cook was wearing a prototype glucose-tracker on the Apple Watch, which points to future applications that would make the device a “must have” for millions of people with diabetes — or at risk for the disease.

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Nevada bill could force Sanofi, Novo and Lilly to reveal their insulin pricing secrets, as reported by FiercePharma, 5/22/2017.

As a variety of states weigh measures targeting pharmaceutical pricing, Nevada’s Senate has passed a tough new bill that would publicly spotlight insulin makers’ price hikes and profits.

Approved by the Nevada Senate on Friday, the bill would force diabetes drugmakers to disclose information on their insulin pricing, profits, costs and more, and would require the state government to publish the information publicly on the internet

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