The diaTribe Foundation is focused on improving the lives of people with diabetes. Their online publication, diaTribe, seeks to empower readers with useful, actionable information that gives them hope for a better future, and helps them live happier and healthier lives. Their tag line is “Making Sense of Diabetes.”  As they have access to the world’s leading diabetes and obesity researchers and clinicians, they attend all the relevant conferences, and have developed expertise in this area. And many of them have diabetes, which perspective influences everything they do and write.

The diaTribe Foundation’s fourth annual “Solvable Problems in Diabetes” event brought together international medical leaders to discuss the most promising developments and advances in diabetes treatment. The event was held at the 2017 European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) meeting in Lisbon, Portugal. We hosted 150 doctors, researchers, advocates, and other guests, who heard from an all-star expert panel:

  • Professor Melanie Davies – Professor of Diabetes Medicine, University of Leicester
  • Dr. Daniel Drucker – Senior Scientist, Lunenfeld Tanenbaum Research Institute, Mt. Sinai Hospital and Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto
  • Professor David Matthews – Professor of Diabetic Medicine, University of Oxford and Emeritus Founding Chairman, Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism 
  • Kelly Close – Founder of The diaTribe Foundation

Read what they discussed … and feel free to add your comments!  What Are the Most Solvable Problems in Diabetes?


The Type 1 diabetes market is large and expanding!  According to Hexa Research, 2 October 2017.  The global type 1 diabetes market is expected to reach $25.52 billion by 2024. A significant increase in the prevalence of type 1 diabetes coupled with rigorous research and development activities to introduce novel formulations drives the T1D market growth. WOW! 

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Here it is … 10 Reasons Being Insulin Dependent Totally Sucks, as written by Elizabeth Rowley in ASweetLife.0rg, September 2017.

When it comes to being dependent on insulin, people always think the biggest problem is needles, but that is just not true. It is easy enough to get used to the pricks, pokes and jabs – although yes, of course it hurts, to those who always ask that question. But really, it’s the least of our problems. There are many other things that not only annoy the heck out of us, but also scare us and cause considerable stress. So, we have compiled a list of ten other reasons why needing to take insulin via injection or pump is not fun.

Too much can kill us … Too little can kill us … the list goes on. Want to add on to this list?

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