Cassidy Robinson sent this to me today … she was one of the 20 riders of Team Bike Beyond, who completed an epic, 10-week adventure, pedaling from New York City to San Francisco. The international team of 20 riders hailed from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

All are living with Type 1 diabetes — collectively with a whopping 263 years of experience! As they journeyed across the country, they destroyed stereotypes and showed the world what living beyond Type 1 looks like.

The team educated people on the warning signs of Type 1 and what it means to thrive with the chronic illness. They also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Type 1 diabetes cure research.

The Bike Beyond documentary, after two years of private screenings, is settling into its forever home on YouTube tomorrow October 22nd!! it’s the coolest thing knowing it can be streamed by any person in any place at any time!

As Cassidy shares, “It’s easy to say that Bike Beyond re-directed the course of my life. Sometimes in my meditation practice, my mind wanders to the summer of Bike Beyond. Never to a road or a lookout, always to a person. my teammates, our hosts, smiling baristas, yellow-shirted kids, cheering family and friends come into mind and pass on by leaving my heart a bit more full.”

She continues, “For two years, I’ve waited for the wide reach of people affected by type 1 diabetes to join those faces flickering through my mind. Tomorrow night, they’ll be welcomed with open arms into the experience you all helped create. Thank you, thank you for your support of a wild summer adventure with big impact! love and hugs to you!!  xx cass”

It’s an amazing film, beautiful scenery, very emotional … ENJOY!


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