Summer is here … and lots of people go on vacation.  Even though diabetes never takes a vacation, those living with T1d do!  Here are some great tips,8 Essential Packing Tips Every Traveler with Diabetes Should Know, by Kerri Sparling on, June 2018.

I am a professional packer. Whether I’m away for two days or two weeks, I’ve developed a system that helps me cram a lot of stuff into the confines of a carry on. That’s no small feat, especially since I’m always traveling with diabetes supplies. And with the summer travel season upon us, it’s a great time to compare traveling with diabetes tips and tricks on how we fit the necessities for our needy pancreases into a carry on bag.

She goes on to discuss glucose tabs, packing, medical ID, your pack o’ diabetes supplies (which you NEVER check through airline baggage, always carry-on), making lists, your medical info (I use a flash drive plus a printed copy), supply back-ups, and a loaner pump. 

My list includes chargers and batteries, a print-out of my basal profile, a back up meter and strips and a prescription from my endo for insulin (as my dear husband once put my insulin in the hotel fridge too close to the open freezer section … and you can’t use frozen insulin nor can you buy it over the counter).

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