Surviving the 4th of July as a PWD

(Thanks to for the great tips!)  TheSavvyDiabetic will be taking next week off, as most of you all are busy enjoying holiday and vacation time!  Watch for updates on the American Diabetes Association’s 83rd Scientific Sessions and other breaking stories.  Have fun and stay safe!

Diabetes is hard. Going through all the Independence Day festivities as a diabetic is even harder. Still, there are a few things you can do, so you don’t feel bad once it’s all done.

Claim your independence from unhealthy foods: Yes, it sounds cheesy, but why not? You are strong, you can resist the plate before you! You can skip the hot dogs and homemade cookies or ice cream! Of course, you can! Will yourself through the temptation and you will be glad you did it later.

Don’t indulge yourself with (too much) treats: We all know how it goes from “I’ll only have one” to “Why in the world did I eat all of that?”. We also know for at least one day you would like to forget about that thing that’s pestering you at every turn, but surely you still have quite a few options that won’t send your blood sugar to the moon.

Get those vegetables on the BBQ: Thankfully, grilling is a great cooking method for your diet. Just skip those fries and processed meats and get to the good stuff. Get some fresh vegetables, fish, turkey burgers or chicken breasts and put them on the barbecue. Make some tasty kabobs with (thin) chunks of lean pork or beef, some green peppers, red potatoes and a cherry tomato or two. The options are limitless.

Meet the healthy side-dish:  Broccoli, tomatoes or mushrooms seasoned with some mixed herbs make an excellent side-dish. Wrap some sweet potatoes in foil and bake them on the grill. What more could you want?

And what’s for dessert? I’m also thirsty!  Desserts and drinks are tricky but don’t despair. There’s nothing more refreshing than a cool lemonade for this occasion – just use sweetener instead of sugar. 100% juice or a diet coke are other low-carb options. Water is good in all cases. Keep the alcohol to a minimum – 1 or 2 light beers are more than you should drink.

As for dessert – an all-American Apple Pie is one pretty good option – just skip the excessive sugar input. Strawberry shortcakes are quite good too. Dark chocolate is also a viable option.

In conclusion: Just be aware of what you eat. Get normal servings, without over-indulging and you should be fine!


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