See Your Dexcom G6 Data on Your Garmin Watch was reported by Andrew Briskin for, 25 October 2021.  

In the era of continuous glucose monitors and smart devices, one of the key challenges in diabetes technology has been improving the way devices work seamlessly with each other and making it easy to view your glucose data. For users of a Dexcom CGM, this challenge may become a thing of the past.  In July 2021, the FDA approved Dexcom’s partner APIs, or application programming interfaces. This means that third-party devices and app developers can integrate real-time Dexcom CGM data into their apps and devices.

The first company to take advantage of this newly expanded data ecosystem is Garmin, which made the Dexcom app available on Oct. 13 through the Garmin Connect IQ store. “Our idea around partnering with Garmin is to amplify the value of Dexcom CGM data,” said Jake Leach, Chief Technology Officer at Dexcom.

Garmin users can now view their real-time glucose levels, trend direction, and three-hour glucose history while staying active, without having to carry a smartphone or separate Dexcom reader. And for cyclists, triathletes, or other aspiring endurance athletes, the new compatibility is a reminder that with the right technology and support, diabetes should never be a limitation towards achieving your goals. 

Read more:  See Your Dexcom G6 Data on Your Garmin Watch

For more, listen in on Stacey Simms Diabetes Connections podcast with Dexcom’s Jake Leach, Chief Technology Officer:  

Diabetes Connections with Dexcom’s Jake Leach about Garmin

Recorded 26 October 2021


Loop and Learn with Diabetes Research Connection’s Charles “C.C.” King, PhD, 10/24/21

Charles (C.C.) King is Board Chair/ President of the Diabetes Research Connection and is a Research Scientist at the Pediatric Diabetes Research Center, Department of Pediatrics, UCSD. The Diabetes Research Connection facilitates rapid funding of peer-reviewed, discovery-stage investigations, giving promising early-career scientists the opportunity to challenge the frontiers of Type 1 diabetes research. Donors are empowered to support research projects of their choice and interact with young researchers whose curiosity and vision will help define the future of diabetes research. Dr. King was one of eight UC San Diego scientists to be awarded significant funding from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). He received over $1.3m to study the role of microRNAs in human embryonic stem cell differentiation, hoping that a better understanding of stem cell differentiation will lead researchers to promising type 1 diabetes therapies.

In his presentation for Loop and Learn, he discussed the FDA approval process for new drugs.  Did you know that less than 10% of all new drugs under review EVER come to market?  Then take a deep dive into a few of their research projects (see links below)

  • Dr. Yi Wang: Will understanding the function of a specific gene in a protein reveal the cause of T1D?  Click HERE
  • Dr. Yao Wang: Will understanding why normally good but aging beta cells accumulate with the progression of T1D unlock the mystery of this disease? You can view her project. Click HERE
  • Dr. Risa Wolf: Using Autonomous Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Improve Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in Children with T1D You can view her project. Click HERE
  • Dr. Yen-shan Chen: Bionic Insulin Pump – a Tarson Family funded project. You can view his project. Click HERE

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