For the next several weeks, if I see some useful videos and posts about new and upcoming D technology, I’ll be posting it here, on Wednesdays.  There are many new products very close to FDA approval … it’s going to be an exciting year for D tech.

The ever-popular and informative Dr. Steve Edelman and Dr. Jeremy Pettus shared lots about new tech, just last week.  Show and Tell: TCOYD Talks Tech with Advice on Devices: There’s so much great technology out there to help us manage diabetes, but how do we keep track of it all and more importantly, how do we know what’s right for us? Drs. Edelman and Pettus opened up their doctor’s bags to show you the latest devices—including continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps, and smart pens—and shared how you can use them to manage your diabetes on a daily basis.

Dr. Trang Ly, Senior Vice President and Medical Director of Insulet, and pediatric endocrinologist spent a great afternoon with Loop and Learn last December, talking very openly about Omnipod 5 … and answering our questions. 

Also, listen to the Stacey Simms Diabetes Connections Podcast with Dr. Trang Ly, 3 August 2021.  




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