I just read a fun and comprehensive blog post on the FIFTY SIX (56) names for sugar, thanks to Nicole Pajer on ASweetLife.com.

various types of sugarSugar is everyone and in so many of the foods we eat.  According to the article, added sugar is in (hiding or not obvious) in 74% of packaged food! 

“A sugar or carb, no matter what the source, with increase your blood sugar,” says Danielle Carlesimo, a registered dietitian at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital in Michigan. Carlesimo is quick to add, however, that just because “natural” sweeteners like honey have some nutritional value, they will still cause blood glucose to spike and should therefore be avoided.


The list is long and detailed and fascinating! 

Here’s the list … but definitely read all about each sugar: You Should Know These 56 Names for Sugar

Agave nectar, Barley malt, Beet sugar, Blackstrap molasses, Brown rice syrup,  Brown sugar, Buttered sugar, Cane juice crystals, Cane sugar, Carmel, Carob syrup, Caster sugar, Coconut sugar, Confectioner’s sugar, Corn syrup, Crystalline fructose, Date sugar, Demerara sugar, Dextrin, Dextrose, Diastatic malt, Ethyl maltol, Evaporated cane juice, Florida crystals, Fructose, Fruit juice, Fruit juice concentrates, Galactose, Glucose, Golden sugar, Golden syrup, Grape sugar, High-fructose corn syrup, Honey, Icing sugar, Invert sugar, Lactose, Malt syrup, Maltodextrin, Maple syrup. Molasses syrup, Muscovado sugar, Oat syrup, Panela, Panocha, Raw sugar, Refiner’s syrup, Rice bran syrup, Sorghum syrup, Sucanet, Sucrose, Syrup, Treacle, Tapioca syrup, Turbinado sugar, Yellow sugar
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