That’s right!  I’ll be on with Bonnie again tomorrow, Thursday, 9/21/2017 as her T1 Co Host, after Dr. Dan Nadeau, endocrinologist/nutritionist chats with Bonnie on the first half of the show. 

This is the 3rd anniversary of The Bonnie Sher Show … a program created to mix show business and life with T1 diabetes.  I think she has done a remarkable job of finding great guests and always keeping it real.  Bonnie’s also a long time T1 so she understands all that we live with.

Listen online at or on Facebook.

2:00pm – 3:00pm, THURSDAY, 9/21/2017

Interact LIVE with questions and comments by telephone: 323‐843‐2826 and on Twitter, @1bonniesher or #BSherRadio.

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