THIS IS AN IMPORTANT TOPIC!  And this may dramatically change how you look at your insulin sensitivity factor … and how you manage the variability in your blood sugars.

We’ve been doing it wrong.  Doctors and researchers have known that ISF changes, depending on your current level of blood sugar and your IOB (insulin on board … how much insulin is currently working in you).  But they haven’t given you the tools to adjust your ISF when your BG is 300.  Your ISF is DIFFERENT at 300 than it is at 100.  

Chris Wilson, known as the Glucose Genius, is a T1D who writes frequently and intensely about the science of managing Type 1 diabetes. He is on a mission to transform fundamental understandings and assumptions about the management of Type 1 Diabetes.

The answers are there in the data … you can’t build a sturdy house on a cracked foundation.

Yes, currently, math is involved.  Until they can figure out how to incorporate this into automated systems.  What we’ve been taught is that your ISF is static, right? That’s how it’s programmed in your pump. That’s what your Endo told you a million years ago when you were diagnosed with T1D.

  • But what if it isn’t?
  • What if this fundamental thing that we all thought we knew about T1D isn’t actually true?
  • What if the reason that we can’t close the loop is that one of the underlying assumptions we are making is just… WRONG?
  • What if automated insulin delivery could be reduced to a math problem where all you need to do is to solve for x?

Here are 2 amazing presentations by Chris Wilson.  Don’t get scared or feel overwhelmed.  Just listen to the logic … it is amazing!

Do you have questions?  You can reach Chris: 

  • LinkedIn:
  • Twitter: @gwsuperfan @geniusglucose



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