It’s my total honor to bring you 2 great diabetes finds!!!

Cody and His Type 1 Diabetes is the most charming little story about Cody (a shih-tzu maltese mixed doggie) who gets diabetes.  It’s short, filled with adorable photographs … you’ll just fall in love with Cody. 

This was written by Amanda King, who has lived with Type 1 diabetes for almost 26 years and is a special education teacher in Missouri.  She totally remembers being overwhelmed and scared when she was diagnosed at the age of 14.  She wrote this book, about her own pup, as a picture book for children to help them better understand their own diagnosis and why their life has suddenly changed. 

I think it is just a great little book for anyone living with diabetes.  I’m still smiling and will reread this book often! Thank you, Amanda!!!

Buy this Book: Cody and His Type 1 Diabetes

Check it out!!!

Thrive Oral Glucose Gel Necklace by Glucose Revival!  A brand new product, in it’s final stages of develop, which puts rapidly absorbed glucose gel literally at your fingertips, in a necklace around your neck. What a cool concept .. thanks to Kris Maynard, a 40-ish Type 1, Washington State EMT first responder and an aid cyclist and runner. 

It’s a hollow necklace with glucose gel inside, and you squeeze that gel out onto the gums for quick absorption. Resembling those glow necklaces you get at amusement parks, it’s made of soft plastic that can be squeezed but won’t kink when worn, and it’s connected by a magnetic clasp that makes it easy for quick removal and adjustment for any size or shape of person. The magnetic clasp acts as a plug that you remove when needed, to squeeze out as much of the 25 grams of glucose gel inside.

I got an early model to try … and wore it during my work-outs at the gym.  It was a bit clumsy (first generation)  but I think the second generation products will be fabulous, with a choice of transparent colored tubing. I love that I can just take the amount of gel I need, not the whole container.  And I actually happened to go into a jewelry store wearing my Thrive … and one of the customers asked me where I got the necklace!  We did discuss that possibility of adding a bit of bling to the emblem.

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