We are in the midst of a very challenging cold and flu season … worst we’ve had in many many years.  As Moira McCarthy reports on ASweetLife.org,

… “the flu season is at its peak, and it’s especially severe this year. Emergency rooms are overcrowded, and people are dying from the flu. Time reports, “Flu activity has increased throughout the United States as of the second week of January, the CDC said Friday. Ten influenza-related deaths in children were reported through the week ending on Jan. 13, bringing the total flu-related pediatric deaths to 30.”

For those of us living with diabetes or caring for someone with diabetes, this is terrifying. What might be a hard flu, or messy stomach bug for most people, can be an expensive, frightening, challenging vigil that usually involves hourly blood glucose checks and ketone checks, constant calls to the doctor, a scary rush to the emergency room, an overnight (or more) in the hospital, an expensive co-pay, exhaustion, and the deep fear of losing control. Or worse.”

So … what we say to our friends and what we practice is: no matter how much we want to get together and no matter how much we were looking forward to some event, if you or we are sick, the rule is:  STAY HOME!  Drink lots of fluids!  REST!

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