Last Wednesday, 4/29/20, we discussed getting organized and prepared, as a T1, in case of medical emergencies, when seeing our professional medical teams or helping our advocates to be prepared to understand our medical conditions.

Even when this current pandemic gets resolved, we will still have T1 diabetes … and it still be a brilliant idea to be prepared, for whatever.

Today, we’ll look at organizing your T1 Go Bag.  The task may seem daunting but once it is done, it just requires a tiny bit of upkeep every couple of months. Just pretend you are preparing for a cool vacation … just pack up your supplies and stuff in a backpack … and you are READY!

DO NOT GET OVERWHELMED!  Just organize these items carefully and thoroughly … you only have to do this complete pack ONCE!!!  And perhaps the hardest part will be to find the coolest backpack!

Want to know what a T1 Go Bag can look like?  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Take a look at a sampling from my T1 friends … and when you get your done, please post a photo in the comment section!!!

How do you start?  Well, I set up a folding card table … but you can use the dining room table, your desk … just a clear surface.  Then I used baggies and a permanent marker so that I could group items together and label them.  I printed the list of T1 Go Bag items, and started gathering the items.  You remember the Sesame Street task, Which of these things go together?  Well, do the same here and put the alike things in a baggie, number the bag … and keep going.

(HINT: you might want to play some fun and energizing music while you gather and pack)

Just to get an overview, here’s what goes into a T1 Go Bag:

  • Personal Medical Resume (remember, what we did last week, right?!)
  • Medical device backup and supplies (including pump reservoirs, infusion sets, pods, alcohol swabs, IV prep or other adhesives, CGM sensors, receiver, BG meter, test strips, lancing device with lancets, syringes or insulin pens, charging cables, USB plugs, power bank, batteries, pill case with 1-2 weeks of prescription medication and glucose or fast source of sugar
  • All back up medical devices should be labeled … I use Name Bubble tags (see discount code below)
  • Personal Items, such as toiletries and personal necessities and some clothing (change of underwear)
  • In your refrigerator (probably in the butter compartment!), a small T1 Go Bag with fresh vial of insulin, Afrezza (if used), rescue glucagon, and another other refrigerated necessary medications

THAT’S IT!  Easy Peezy!!!

Here’s the editable list for your T1 Go Bag:  Savvy Diabetic Go Bag 4.29.2020

Have fun and be prepared … then SHARE your beautiful T1 Go Bag with all of us, as another great example of how cool we all are!

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