We’ve all been waiting for the new batch of hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery systems to be approved and released to the marketplace.  The Covid-19 pandemic delayed so many trials and studies and slowed down the processes in the FDA, as folks working in the diabetes devices departments were diverted to critical virus research.  We are getting close to the new release dates!  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some great podcasts on Diabetes Connections with Stacey Simms and Juicebox Podcast and Arden’s Day with Scott Benner, both of who do great interviews with the top folks at the diabetes tech companies that we are watching.

First up:  Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer Answers Your Questions with Stacey Simms, 6 July 2021 

What do we know about the upcoming Dexcom G7? Find out in this conversation with company CEO Kevin Sayer. As usual Stacey Simms has a long list of questions from listeners covering everything from adhesives to watches to more. Sayer shares details about how they’re preparing for the G7 rollout (it had not yet been submitted to the FDA at the time of this recording), as well as issues with Medicare, integration with their current pump partners and when arms will become an approved wear site for US customers.



And here’s the Dexcom G7 “Sizzle Reel”:  Dexcom G7 Sizzle Reel

Want more about the G7?  Then here’s another podcast by Scott Benner of Juicebox Podcast and Arden’s Day … with Jake Leach, Executive VP and Chief Technology Officer at Dexcom, from 20 July 2021.  

Podcast #510:  Dexcom G7 App Refresh with Dexcom CTO


And a bonus interview with Jake Leach, EVP and Chief Technology Officer at Dexcom for Loop and Learn, 27 June 2021.  

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