Sometimes the very best way to “cope” with T1 living is to share your feelings and thoughts and fears and frustrations with a loving pet.  They listen … I swear they not only listen but truly empathize and validate your feelings.  That’s why I’m choosing to focus my Friday blogs on our pets, those amazing creatures who love us (yes, adore us), are so happy to see us, who wag and purr … and make us smile.

Today, please meet Archie (not related to Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s Archie, although I did ask!) and Abigail!  Awwwww!  I mean, really, I just found myself looking at all the pictures (even more than you’ll see here) … and just smiling!!!  Such a sweet story by Melissa, a T1 and a truly lovely human being in the T1D community.

In June, I lost my beautiful black male cat to cancer after 15 years together. I went up to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley to donate his food and, well, I met someone … actually, 2 someones. Archie and Abigail came home with me … to live with our family, including Blossom, a gorgeous goldendoodle.

It has been a joy to have their youthful energy in the house, which is a fair match for my kids, ages 9 and 7. The 7yo has declared the little male kitten his “best buddy” and they are never far from one another.

For me, it has been a nice refresh on so many things in my life this summer – self-care, diabetes care, and time spent at home. They slow me down in all the right ways.    




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