Heeeeere’s Bailey!  He’s an almost 3 year old (his birthday is coming up, in October, in case you want to send him a birthday card!!!) Australian Labradoodle, who lives with Shankara, a T1 and designer, originally from England.  Yes, Bailey speaks with an American/Aussie/Brit accent … which all sounds the same to us! 

I met Bailey and his human about 2 years ago, while standing in line at our local Rite Aid pharmacy.  Bailey was SO cute!  I was bubbling over about how brilliant labradoodles and goldendoodles are as diabetes alert dogs, having just met Jedi (featured here last month) and his little human boy, Luke.  I’m not sure who said it first … but we suddenly found out we both had T1 … and our friendship took off from there.

Bailey often accompanies Shankara around town and draws lots of attention!  He loves to be active,  going on hikes and exploring all the trails around Orange County (CA), and of course the beach! He’s a little social bug. totally blissing out when he is out and about, meeting and greeting people. He’s very food motivated and a complete Mama’s boy! It appears that he is also a wine connoisseur and a sailor’s mate!  He’s not quite trained as a diabetes alert dog … but he sure is alert!!!

You can follow the adventures of Bailey, the Aussie/Brit/SoCal Dude on Instagram @boyscout_bailey


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