Ohhhh, this is a story to share … and tear up and smile all at once!!! Please meet Manaya and her cat, Sugar!(IMPORTANT NOTE:  Manaya was JUST diagnosed on August 5th!)

Hello, Sugar, who hails from West Virginia in the USA.  She lives with her family, mom (Kristen), dad (Travis) and 4 beautiful children (3 boys and 6 year old Manaya).  I’ve copied Kristen’s comments about Sugar, with all her enthusiastic formatting … you can just feel the love!
This is Manaya & her cat about a month before Manaya was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Our momma cat had this baby cat & Manaya named her sugar & we decided to keep her ❤.
Sugar started to sleep on Manaya clothes, follow her around, love on her, never left Manaya’s side … so we always called Sugar Manaya’s cat. She was the only cat that would go in Manaya’s room & stay. She would lay on Manaya like a baby!  Manaya would play with her!
Call me crazy but this cat knew the whole time my baby girl had diabetes because she would act so clingy to Manaya.  Below is a video of them now! As you can tell, she won’t leave Manaya alone! ❤ And the cats NAME IS SUGAR! 🤣😳  Manaya named her sugar before she knew she was a type 1 diabetic!

This cat wasn’t trained to act this way.  She just always has and we never knew Manaya had t1d.  But I do believe she always knew something was wrong. And it’s crazy that Manaya named her Sugar way before she was diagnosed with t1d.  It all goes together & the cat loves her!

(Side note:  Manaya is also a pageant girl … totally precious!!!) 






Manaya on T1D Management (to the sounds of TikTok)

and Manaya WANTS an Insulin Pump!

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