What a joy to introduce, Cleo, the beautiful black cat, who lives with Nicky (T1D, founder of the FB group, The Honest Exchange, a group intended for those out there who are trying to navigate their diabetes through the use of technology) and her 3 sons (ages 7, 9 and 16 … ooooh, a teenager!). 

The boys can drive me nuts like nobody’s business, but they are also the most beautiful thing to have happened in my life. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy and I was told I wouldn’t be able to have any more babies. They were all premature (the middle was just 27 weeks), but they are all just fine now. In fact, I personally think they are beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful and insightful, and very sweet and loving boys. I joke often about them, but they give me something every single day that makes me want to take good care of myself.

So that I can lecture them into old age. 😁

And Cleo seems to add a LOT of character and amusement!!!

And Cleo and I holding each other as we’ve been known to do. ❤️






Cleo guarding my laundry just to make sure nobody else tries to fold it. 😐

Cleo thinks the birds are inside the feeder. This is how she came to get pooped on. 🙄 

Cleo making “duck lips”, which I’ve advised her against…

Cleo working on her disguises… like her “random black thing” disguise…  





Our pets are SO IMPORTANT in our lives … and absolutely help us cope with our diabetes.  Would you like to share your pet story with us? Please? 

All I need is a bunch of your favorite photos with your pet(s), a bit about the person with T1D and the family … and maybe a few cute stories.  Whatever makes you smile … please let us smile with you!!!

Send pix and stories to me at joanne@TheSavvyDiabetic.com … your pet(s) will be famous and featured!!!


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