I’m so happy to introduce you to Hennessy, a 4 year old Maine coon cat and his little “sister” puppy, Lilo, who just turned five months old.  They live, mostly in harmony, with Brad, a t1D and a nurse/diabetes educator who runs Facebook Group, Minnesota TypeOne Loopers … and his bride, Dana (they been married for just over one year). 

Brad is a native of Minnesota and recently started up his diabetes coaching and education business … and Dana, works in sales, after selling mostly Girl Scout cookies for a few year, even winning a free ticket to Sea World for her sales achievements.  They are both world travelers who have been to more than 40 countries combined. He is a hang glide pilot, scuba diver, and have been hiking up to 18,000 feet in the Himalayas.

So let’s focus on the fur babies! 

Hennessy certainly wasn’t happy about Lilo as an addition to the family, but is slowly learning to tolerate her annoying playful tendencies. Lilo has started to take it easy on Hennessy and only annoys him by licking his face from time to time. We have a very zen kitty who rarely resorts to violent measures.

Enjoy the photos and the antics!








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