This story just makes me smile.  Actually, they all do but this is special to me. Meet Willow, the diabetes alert cat who lives with Mark (T1/2D and his lovely wife, Sheila). 

Willow can detect a fast falling low faster than my Dexcom can catch it. She also can hear a screaming pod and will wake me if one goes off. She has saved me several times by getting my wife when I went to sleep without a sensor on and fell dangerously low. She  is seldom more than a few feet away.

How good is she? 

Now, if I go low, even if she is three rooms away in the spare bedroom, she will smell it and come running screaming. If she can’t wake me up she gets my wife…
Now that I am on LOOP, those don’t happen much anymore, But, if I start falling fast for some reason, she will come in 5-15 min before Dex starts beeping the alarm…
Chillin’ in the backyard …   There is the cat in a hat. But I prefer to be a cat in a box!!!   
These black socks are now to be                     Oh my, what to do today
known as black and white socks.
          with Mark on So Cal Loopers Zoom event           A day in the office
These computers are hard work. Is this a mail server problem or a game of Tetris???
Helping the human do the taxes. Hurry, get the refund back, need more catnip.
Hanging out with dad
Happy Cat Day!
It is midnight. Are you awake because of the amber alert or for some other reason? I am awake because my cat Willow Oldham drug me to the hot tub.

If you are not smiling yet, this was posted by Mark … not his cat … but watch the precision!!!  ENJOY!

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