I have a soft spot for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels … I regularly babysit for a little one named Sadie … and whenever she sees me, she howls and squeals with intense passion.  And one time, I even babysat 2 Cavs, named Sadie and Poppy … double the joy and double the personality!

It is my great honor to introduce to you Zoe, a Calfornia fur baby who lives with T1D Christel and her husband Tobias.  Soak up the story and photos of adorableness!

Hi, my name is Christel Oerum and my fur-baby’s name is Zoe. I was born and raised in Denmark and moved to California, US in 2009 with my husband Tobias. We started www.diabetesstrong.com In 2015 and that was also the year Zoe joined our family.

She’s a happy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who has never read any of the books about how Cavaliers are supposed to behave because she just does her own thing. She will hang out at the other end of the couch rather than on your lap, jump in any stream or puddle we come across, and is not that interested in other dogs or people (unless they have snacks).

She’s my first dog and I’m so happy she came into our lives

Wishing you all a safe and peaceful week … hope this brings you some smiles and love!




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