You are going to fall in LOVE with Hobie … I did instantly … how can you resist those beautiful eyes and amazing spirit … and oh yeah, his mommy, Gretchen, too!  Gretchen is a T1D and influencer on Instagram and social media … her posts always make me happy.  Hence, she is TypeOneTypeHappy!  Thanks so very much, Gretchen, for sharing your fur baby!!!

I can honestly say that I’ve met my soulmate in life: my dog, Hobie. He is my best friend, my adventure partner, my copilot, my snuggle buddy, my therapist, my coworker, my service dog, and of course- my fur baby.  You will also notice a photo of Hobie with a bunny rabbit … that’s Hobie’s “brother” Winnie!

Ever since we’ve met, we’ve had an instant connection. We just understand each other, we are the same. As an independent t1d girl, it’s been so comforting to have Hobie always there with me to help with dangerous low blood sugars and companionship, especially when living alone.

We’ve traveled, camped, hiked all over the country together and share so many great memories. It always amazes me how much happiness and completion he has truly brought into my life. My life would not be the same without him and he is truly is my lifesaver in all aspects of my life!

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