We all, in the T1D community have been seriously impacted by the current Covid pandemic … and so many of us are sheltering in our homes.  Seems that one of the very best ways we are coping with the new world order is by the joy and love we get from our pets.  And now, it is just so important.  Even got the attention of the advertising community with a fabulous commercial (it’s hilarious) … you can see it at the bottom of this post.

Of course, I couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favorite pix of my little fur babies … at the end of this post.

SO … here are some wonderful and joyful photos shared by T1s in our online communities on how their pets are helping them and their kids cope with work from home and home schooling.  THANK YOU, everyone, for sharing.  Wishing you all good health and continued happiness with your furry family members.

Nicky: Cleo and I holding each other as we’ve been known to do.







MarisaThis is a picture of Matthew (my T1D) and our music loving dog, Teddy.

DO WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION?  HOW ADORABLE?!?!?  Here’s Avinn with his DAD Magic (Thank you, Andrea!)

Image may contain: 1 person, cat and indoorAngie: This is my ChumChum. I am still working. But I work in an assisted living facility. At times it can be frustrating as you feel the residents missing their families. So on days like those, I enjoy going home and relaxing with him. I like for him to feel my happiness, for our animals can truly feel our stress. He has been known to have urinary stress disorder so it is better that both of us comfort one another in these times

Image may contain: 1 person, dog, outdoor and nature

Jessica:  I don’t work from home (nursing) but here are my two best gals helping me get out and get some sunshine on my days off!
No photo description available.
BrianaHere is Lily curled up on my desk. I make her employee of the month, every month!




Image may contain: dog, tree, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, tree, outdoor and nature

KelseyShe’s a snuggle bug most nights but loved our wilderness walks more (even if she doesn’t look it here!!).  Her name is Gemma! From Sons of Anarchy!

Image may contain: cat

Bryden:  This is Peanut! She has taken to sleeping like me, with her paw holding up her head 😛


Image may contain: indoor
Lizzie:  I got up from my seat and when I came back, my dog was 
trying to steal my job.
No photo description available.
Hannah: This is Milo saying haven’t you done enough work for today?


No photo description available.

TeresaSonic, the hedgehog, waiting to join the zoom science class. 🙂

Image may contain: cat

Catherine: He looks like I feel after work… And before work…. And during…..



Image may contain: people sitting, dog and living room

Theresa: Rocky in his spot snuggling with Jackson while he does his reading for school.

Image may contain: coffee cup, drink and indoorImage may contain: indoor

Helena: My dog Macaroni acting as a side table for my morning coffee.




Danielle:  this is Obi … and his fav spot is next to me…wherever that may be. 😂

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, table and indoor

Isabella with her very alert pup!





Image may contain: screen and indoor

TaraShe is my 3 legged girl named Taylor. She was hit by a car before I adopted her! She is ready to work every day. Up on my desk. She may have separation anxiety (both of us) when I have to go back to the office.



Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, dogJim:  My buddy Roy, my year and a half Golden-doodle, has been such a joy to have around as I work from home.

Toby:  This is my graduating senior Quinn and her diabetic service dog Bentley! Her graduating parade 😊


Image may contain: dog and indoor

Rich: Daisy is a cockapoo.


Image may contain: 1 person, horse, tree, sky, outdoor and nature

Leta: His name is El Mago. I did not start riding until I was 58 and got him 6 months later. I love him dearly. I became a widow at age 56, close to 57. I am now 64 and have gotten lots of saddle time in!




Image may contain: dog

CaseyFinnegan is always ready!

Image may contain: ocean, outdoor and water

Rakk:  Lots of dog walking





Image may contain: people sleeping and indoor

April:  Troop has to have his blanket and pillow

Image may contain: 1 person, cat

Michael:  Midnight is on watch




No photo description available.

Jenny:  On the black & white bean bag “office chair”:  Theodore (Teddy) is the brown one, Sugar is the black one.  And below, sweet Diamond

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

No photo description available.

Angilique:  I have 3 weeks left to get my Bachelor’s degree with University of Phoenix. Atticus has been on my lap every step of the way!

Image may contain: cat

Krista:  Cody (it’s a girl, I named her after the Sf giants player Cody Ross when he was in the team) 😂


Claudia:  Greetings from Switzerland … unfortunately Sam is lying on my diastuff like pump

Image may contain: shoesJenniferThis sweet boy, Mozzie (Mozz), keeps an eye on things.  He’s my sidekick through thick and thin, always there for a hug, walk or nap!

Image may contain: stripes and indoor
Anastasia: My kitty, Glennis, ready for work! 🤣
Image may contain: 1 person, dog
Image may contain: 1 person, dog
… and Abby making an appearance in a Company Zoom meeting.

Heather:  Can you spot the pod?!  Can you spot the horrified cat, Thwack?Image may contain: screen

Jess:  My Thomas. Always making sure I’m staying productive.  He takes his job as my boss very seriously!

Image may contain: 1 person, dog and indoor

KarinDingus my Rhodesian Ridgeback work mate

Image may contain: indoor







Jennifer: My son taking his dog, Thor, to school (Google Meet class) with him

Image may contain: cat






Bob:  Sadie (the Calico) is strong, independent, one person cat.  Tango is a total lap cat.  





And now the Milo pups, Hey Buddy (the Westie) and Bon Bon (Lhasa Apso) during the times of sheltering in:

Hey Buddy (left) and Bon Bon (right) helping me organize my T1D Go Bag

Hey Buddy checking out the new (used) pilates reformer now in the dining room





Is it time to play now????





Hey Buddy eating “healthy” and Bon Bon just hates paperwork!





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