Let’s all sing a slightly belated but heartfelt Happy Birthday to Renly, who turned 10 on May 14!!!  Renly lives with Robby (T1D and Development Manager at JDRF Orange County Chapter), his wife, Tina and son Alex.  Such a great dog and such a great story!

When I married my beautiful wife Tina, not only did a gain an amazing son named Alex, I also became a dad to my furry best friend named Renly.  Renly is Tina’s everything, so when I met her, I instantly found out that he went with her everywhere and was a huge part of her life. 

Ren loves to snuggle and take up most of the bed while he sleeps with us.  He loves his daily walks with us, and looking snazzy in his bowtie that he always wears. 

My favorite picture of him is the one with Tina on our wedding day, when it finally hit him that he was going to have to share her with me for the rest of his life.  According to Tina, she is sharing me with Ren for the rest of our lives and claims that I love him more than I do her (I can neither confirm nor deny that statement). 

Ren just turned 10 yesterday, May 14, and we had a little celebration for him and made him homemade chicken and rice for dinner.  He is named after Renly Barratheon from Game of Thrones, and Ren’s official name is Renly H. Barratheon of House Boonmag. 

We love our little fur baby! 


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Let’s check out some amazing pups during quarantine … not sure if we call them “service” dogs but they sure do provide a service!

Dog makes deliveries to quarantined neighbor in Colorado was reported by Megan Hiler for KKTV.com, 28 March 2020.  In these “ruff” times, it’s nice to hear about someone, or some dog, doing some good.

Sunny the golden retriever lives with his owner, Karen Eveleth, in Manitou Springs. They’ve been neighbors with Renee Hellman for over a decade, and when she self-quarantined for her own health, the two thought of a clever way to help her get her groceries.

“She got the list, she gave it to Sunny, Sunny brought it to me,” Eveleth explained. “I went to the store, got her groceries, and he delivered them all to her.”  He’s been making trips back and forth from his house to his neighbors since the coronavirus outbreak started weeks ago.

“What a wonderful thing, just a sweet thing,” Hellman said. “So he started doing the schlepping, back and forth. It’s been fun, it’s been a real treat.”

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Delivery dog offers curbside wine pickup during the coronavirus lockdown was published by Christopher Cameron for NYPost.com, 1 April 2020.

Maryland is getting the real-life equivalent of the brandy barrel-bearing St. Bernard of Alpine rescue lore — although instead of life-giving spirits, it’s carrying spirit-giving wine.  It’s the social-distancing solution of Stone House Urban Winery in Hagerstown, which has introduced a delivery dog to its intrepid staff.

His name is Soda Pup, a 75-pound brindle boxer with all the breeding necessary for curbside service, plus horse saddle bags and a vest with two pouches.  He doesn’t work the streets alone – the winery puts someone on “dog patrol,” letting pup-happy customers know not to give Soda snacks other than ice cubes.

“We’ve had people call in just specifically to have Soda Pup bring wine out to them,” Lori Yata, Soda Pup’s owner and co-owner of the winery, tells WJLA-TV.

Winos beware: The 11-year-old pooch only carries two bottles of wine at a time, which, on the bright side, means you’ll see plenty of him.

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