Just gotta love dachshunds!!!

Please “meet turning 10 in May” Pickles, who lives with her precious T1, Harper, “turning 5 in May,” and her other (“human”) brother, Grant, along with dad Ben and mom Katie. (It’s hard to get them to both stay still long enough for a picture!). They even raise funds for diabetes research as a family team called Harper’s Heroes!

Harper’s had T1 for 3 years … she loves Pickles very much … calls him her big brother. Pickles loves going for walks with Harper and won 2 Doxie Derby Championship races before Harper was born! 

THANK YOU, Katie, for sharing!!!


And more doxies!!!

From Aussie T1 Anya, “This is my old girl Madam Dora Salami. I adopted her almost 2 years ago, after she was rescued from a puppy farm where she was one of the primary breeders. She had never had her “own” person before, and didn’t know how to play or walk on a lead or bark, or even eat anything other than dry dog bikkies. But she has come a long way since then!

These days, her favorite food is salmon skin, she likes going for rides in my bike basket, and she has even learned to bark when she wants attention. She has had to have most of her teeth (including her canines) and a few mammary tumors removed, and she has pretty bad cataracts and hearing – and she can’t grow hair on her back, but this hasn’t slowed her down!

I can’t imagine my life without Ms Salami – she’s an inspiration, and shows me every day that you’re never too old to begin anew ♥️ I love my funny little girl more than anything.


Then there’s T1 Kate’s miniature doxie named Huxley. “Last time I had a hypo he came and lay on my head (in bed) til I woke up and treated it.”  TOTALLY PRECIOUS!!!


Adorable Dachshund Puppies Pose With Mom For Cutest Newborn Shoot Ever was posted by Kimberly White for InspireMore.com, 26 May 2013.

McAllen, Texas, resident Monica “Mona” Sanchez called Belinda Schenk-Sol of Belinda Sol Photography last April to set up a photo shoot for her 6-year-old Dachshund, Mia.  She was about a month-and-a-half pregnant at the time, and Sanchez wanted to have her little sweetheart professionally photographed in the final stages of her “delicate state.”

“I didn’t have dogs or puppies growing up and I wanted my son to see that,” Mona said. “I’m just real crazy about capturing moments.”

                                                                                          Proud father to-be Camilo, with “bride” Mia


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