SPOILER ALERT!!! You will fall in love right here, right now!!!!!!  THANK YOU, Adrienne, for sharing this wonderful story with us!

Meet Sherlock, the lifesaving Diabetic Alert Dog, and London. This pup is always looking out for his T1D girl. Loyal, hardworking, and a girls best friend! Check them out on Instagram: @Team London T1D.  London was so lucky to be placed with Sherlock through a organization called Canine Hope for Diabetics, who raises, trains, places and names these amazing diabetes alert dogs.

London just turned 5 and was diagnosed with T1D at 16 months old (she’s currently a Little Looper). She has a older brother named Bentley who is 9 and a baby brother named Cooper who is 10 months old. They live with their wonderful parents, Adrienne (who homeschools them) and Chris (a fire captain in Los Angeles). 

London loves dance, art and coloring, dirt bike riding (pink bike with training wheels), and swimming. Sherlock goes everywhere with London and alerts when she is under 80 mg/dL or above 150 mg/dL. He alerts by grabbing a dog training tool called a bringsel (see the video below).




(When mom Adrienne was trying to get a workout in, Sherlock came in to let me know his girl was low. Great catch Sherlock! 68)

(See alerting video below)

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