Teri (T1D, studying to be a medical physician assistant) and her husband Evan ADORE Calvin.  I’ve looked at pictures on both their Facebook pages … they LOVE dogs and they are crazy, madly in love with Calvin.  And who wouldn’t be?!  As Teri says, “My husband and I don’t have kids, so our fur-babies really are our children.”

My pup’s name is Calvin. He is a pharaoh hound mixed with a little bit of pittie. We adopted him from a rescue when he was four months old, he is now 12 1/2 years old. While he may be getting up there in years, you would never know it (aside from his graying face). He behaves like a puppy and I am frequently asked how old he is when out on walks and they are always shocked to find out his true age!

His sister, Eve (see her photo below), passed from old age in March of 2020 (she was our first baby) and so he has almost become a pandemic puppy because he had never known life as an only dog and now doesn’t want to leave our sides!

He absolutely is my husband’s shadow … Calvin and my Evan frequently nap together!  (see photo)

Calvin is truly the most vocal dog I have ever know. He “talks” almost constantly!  We have a running joke in our house that if he wasn’t sniffing something or whining, he would just keel over!  (great video of Calvin voicing his feelings!)

He is the absolute best snuggler and gives the sweetest hugs; he has the biggest heart ❤️  

I was inconsolable after our first one passed and never thought our family would be whole again. But Calvin swooped in and filled the hole that she left. He has healed me more than I ever would have imagined possible. I am so lucky he chose us as parents.

By the way, he also LOVES getting his ears massaged … but only by me (he starts to purr when I do)! No one else can touch his ears, though, or he will yelp!
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