Well, this is a Savvy Diabetic first!  Please welcome Jessica (T1D and super high-level martial arts black belt) who manages her diabetes, along with her “family” of lots of birds!  

Hi all … This is Jessica typing from half-way across the world, in a small country.  I am typing about Looping and how my wonderful pets have assisted me.

I have birds. Yes, birds, not a cat or a dog. But these birds do have to be fed, coddled, let free to roam (mess up) my apartment. And there are the chicks. And the chicks have parents who do need to be fed. So every day, rain or shine, politics or not – I have to get up. Feed the animals, make sure all are ok and none are in a mood.

So in the morning, I do wake up, feed them. Make sure all are ok. And then I have my trusty companion, Casey, riding on my right shoulder. Sometimes he has a lot to say, sometimes not, sometimes just along (literally) for the ride, sometimes he is just having a bird-nap on my shoulder. And then, after I have walked close to 3 miles in my apartment, from side to side, with or without someone talking to me (I chat with my mom/a friend during my walk) and then I prebolus for lunch.

And then sunset comes. As the birds get their acts together (who is sleeping where, next to whom, feed the babies, etc) I prebolus and give myself my insulin. And when all is quiet (and believe it or not, it does actually happen) I go and prepare my supper.

When I if I have something during the night – the birds know, you can hear them calling, asking if you are all right. And then you have to put in an appearance so they can go back to bed and not wake up the neighbours, of which there are quite a few…

So that is my day, thanks to Carona, and Loop (DIY closed loop) and my bird(s)..:) …Have a lovely day!




























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