From a very wonderful Facebook group called Albany T1D Families (in Albany, NY, near to where I went to college), I posted a request about T1Ds and their furry family members.  Here are 2 very heartwarming stories from snowed-in Albany!

Jennifer writes:  
Our daughter has type 1 and our dog Maxman was diagnosed with diabetes in May 2020. 
Strange world to live with your daughter and dog (both our kids) having this disease and helping them stay healthy!
This was Max home after hospital. He had a feeding tube in his neck so that we could feed him. Pancreatitis from his DKA made it hard for him to eat. This was him after 8 days in the hospital. He and She are fighters!
Jodi writes: 

My 8 year old son Evan is a type 1 diabetic. He has a service dog Dex a black lab that is 2 years old. Dex can detect Evan’s low and high blood sugars before the device Evan wears does. Dex is the most amazing dog!!! 

Just something to make your smile, in the middle of these winter days … just a photo essay on kids and dogs!

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