OH MY GOSH, you’re in for a treat!  It’s my honor to introduce Rocky, the Snuggling Cockapoo!  Rocky lives with his T1 person, Theresa, her husband, Matt, and their 2 brilliant kids, Jackson (9) and Abby (6).  When I asked if there were any other pets in the home, Theresa answered, ” Rocky is an only pet, and pretty happy about being the center of attention. 😂”

I wanted to share my spirit animal with you for your blog! Rocky is a cockapoo, who loves sitting on the couch snuggling, eating bacon, and jumping in my face when my blood sugar is low. His bedtime and morning routine are so sweet and hilarious.

First, at bedtime, he must get on the bed with me for at least 5 full minutes of snuggle time. He will not move until at least 5 minutes has passed. I have included a picture of his snuggle skills. Then, and only then, will he go to his bed on the floor and he stays there all night.

In the morning, the first thing he must do is get back on the bed for morning snuggles. Our bed is high, so he will paw at the mattress until he is let up. Only when I get out of bed (not my husband mind you!) will he get down and start his day.

🤣🤣🤣 My husband wanted to get me a funny gift for Valentine’s Day. Because the family joke is that Rocky is my spirit animal, he wanted a picture of prominence for Rocky in our house. He found this company that takes pictures of your dog and puts them in poses, such as this one of Rocky in his admiral’s uniform.  I would NEVER get something like this, but I do think it’s hilarious!  In fact, you can see that we have a wall of art … and I HAD to put Admiral Rocky up there so everyone could see it. It’s the best worst gift I’ve ever received!

Another thing we do is that my husband pretends to attack me, (by tickling me) and Rocky “defends” my honor by nibbling on his hands when he does it. It’s hilarious and why Rocky is the admiral, who defends my honor.😂




Image result for petsHey, got a pet bird?  Hamster?  Tropical fish?  Bunny?

That would be a first here on The Savvy Diabetic!


This dog’s name is Whisky. She is a Border collie that lives with her owners and almost 100 toys, so it seems like things are going pretty well for her. Even though I don’t have that many toys myself, I’m happy for her. You can’t be jealous of a dog. Or at least you shouldn’t be.

Whisky’s toys have names. Most are dog-appropriate like “the colorful rope” or “the small Frisbee.” However, her owner, Helge O. Svela said on Thursday that since the research was done, her toys have grown in number from 59 to 91, and he has had to give some toys “people” names, like Daisy or Wenger. “That’s for the plushy toys that resemble animals like ducks or elephants (because the names Duck and Elephant were already taken),” he said.

During the research, Whisky proved in tests that she knew the names for at least 54 of her 59 toys. That’s not just the claim of a proud owner, and Mr. Svela is quite proud of Whisky, but the finding of Claudia Fugazza, an animal behavior researcher from Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, who tested her.

(As a side note, no animals were harmed in this experiment. Dr. Fugazza said that Whisky quickly got the idea that if Dr. Fugazza showed up, it was time to play her favorite game, over and over again, something that Border collies like to do.  “If we wanted to give Whisky a break,” she said, “we had to go out of the house because otherwise she wanted to keep playing.”)

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