SMILES and HEART Alert!  Please meet Snickers (also known as Snicker Doodles) lives with T1D Galye and her hubby, and he grew up with their 2 sons … what a total lovefest!!!

From Gayle:  Thank you for making me do this!!!  It fills my heart to think about all the joy he has brought me!

Snickers has been with us since 9/17/07.  He was a rescue from our local shelter.  My son, who was about 10 years old at the time, was focused on getting a playmate for our 6-year-old lab, Blaster.  So we looked and looked and then saw his cute little face on the shelter website and knew he was the one.  We had to go to the shelter and placed in a lottery for him and we won!!!

My youngest son and I were in love at first sight.  My hubby, older son and especially Blaster, not so much, lol!  None of them would give poor Snickers the time of day, especially Blaster!  He wasn’t interested in a brother; he wanted us all to himself!  My husband and older son wouldn’t even pet poor Snickers; they weren’t happy that we had a 2nd dog either!  

Blaster was a good dog too, but he was meant to be the only dog in the house.  He just basically ignored Snickers.  But Snickers never stopped trying to play with him!  Unfortunately, we lost Blaster back in 2015, and Snickers has been the only dog in the house ever since.  However, my husband and older son grew to love him and now consider him the BEST DOG EVER!!!

Snickers has been everywhere with us; hiking, camping, to the beach and other activities.  He has the cutest little prance when he walks!  He is soooooo sweet!  He listens, he loves us unconditionally, and follows us around the house and everywhere we go.  He sits next to me when I meditate, he lays on his pillow while I’m sweating away on my spin bike and he still gets excited and runs around the house like a little puppy when he’s first let in the house after being in the backyard for a few hours while we’re away.

Fondly known as “Snicker-doodles,” he was named Snickers due to his coloring and my son thought he looked like a Snickers bar?!?  As he is now considered a senior citizen (he’s almost 15!), he has slowed down quite a bit and can no longer accompany me on my longer hikes.  But he still enjoys going on walks through the neighborhood and sniffing all the bushes along the way.

We love our Snicker-doodles!!  He has brought us so much joy and enriched our lives for many years!

Thank you, Gayle!!!!!





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