Hello, Amber, the Velcro Vizsla … a true beauty and companion to T1d Leiani and loving family!  Can you tell she is a So Cal pup and a beach lover?!  I’ll bet she can build some pretty fierce sand castles!  Amber’s “human” says, “She goes with me wherever dogs are allowed, included the ADA Tour de Cure 2019!” 

I’m seriously looking for more T1s and their pets for The Savvy Diabetic’s Friday Blogs. 
It’s EASY!!!  Just email me some adore photos and a brief or not so brief few stories … and your pet will be famous!  Please send your pix and stories to me at joanne@TheSavvyDiabetic.com. 
Remember, I only use first names … and these stories and photos bring joy to us all! Please share this with any/all your T1 friends with pets.  


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