OH, WHAT A WONDERFUL AND AMAZING FAMILY!!!! Please meet Saira (T1D), her husband JC (also T1D) and Aiyla (ALSO T1D) and Inara (Nope, the ONLY one in the house without T1D!).  They live life fully and healthfully … just sharing gratitude and joy in the world!

We got Sherlock pretty soon after our daughter was diagnosed at 10 months old. With 3 diabetics in the house, I needed something cute and cuddly to come out of all the diagnoses. He is a trained Diabetic Alert Dog that often catches rapid lows before our Dexcom alarms, but more importantly he makes me feel less alone. I feel like someone has my back as a frazzled mom who often forgets to prebolus herself and like I’m less alone during those late nights waiting for a low to come back up. His soft head gently nudging into my lap is a much nicer hint to take care of my daughter or myself than a blaring alarm. 

He doesn’t replace any of the other tools we use to manage T1D, but I am pretty big on acknowledging the emotional toll T1D can have, and Sherlock is one of our silver linings. 





















Here is little Aiyla, only 21 months, on the day we got Sherlock!

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