These are just pictures and stories of true love and companionship between Craig (T1D) and his steady pup.  So precious and you can just feel the connection!  When I asked for a bunch of pix, Craig responded, “LOL,  I’ve got 10 years with of pics with her!

I’ve had T1D for 32 years. Ravyn is 10 years old and we have been connected at the hip since day one. She’s always ready to play as soon as I walk in the door even if all I did was go to the mailbox.

There is a ritual when I get home form work. She goes outside, then when she comes back in. I have to go to the couch and sit at the edge and tell her to bring it in. She gets as close as she can and puts her head on my chest.

Even on a bad diabetes day, she is there and happy to be with me.








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